IOP Specialists Sdn Bhd is a High-technological Status company engaged in the production of synthetic iron oxide pigments to support the regional needs. IOP produces and offers high purity Hi-Bi pigment grades using ceramic heat treatment method.

The Hi-Bi grade pigments were tested in the laboratory as well as in industrial application as suitable for application in paints, ceramics, plastics, body stains brick, tiles porcelain enamels, glazes, glass, pet foods, as well as toners for printing applications.

Hi-Bi R3Z, R3Zm, BL3Z and BL3Zm are specially designed for use at high temperature applications, such as porcelain wares and glazed tiles.

The other Hi-Bi grades pigments are suitable for products processed at ambient temperature. These are specially coated iron oxide pigments and the color change against weather for this grade is negligible.

Hi-Bi BL3Zm is a special grade for use as black pigment but it is also a superfine magnetite powder for electronic and magnetic industry applications.

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